27th Annual WASSO Garden Tour

Saturday, July 11 & Sunday, July 12, 1-5pm

Join us for the 27th Annual Garden Tour sponsored by the Women’s Association of the Springfield Symphony Orchestra (WASSO).

The six gardens featured on the tour are:


1. 1810 Westwood Drive (Meermans Residence)  

Pam and Neil Meermans’ home was originally on the WASSO garden tour in 2000.  In the past twenty years the gardens have evolved and changed quite a bit. The focal point of the backyard is an inground pool that has been well-loved by kids, grandkids, family, and friends over the years. The pool has been upgraded along with upgrades to the decking around the house and pool.  The front and back yards have a variety of flowering shrubs, perennials, annuals, climbing vines, and mature trees.  The tri-color beech tree, which was planted about 28 years ago, has become one of the best features of the gardens and provides wonderful shade to the deck and entertaining area.


2. 533 Southwood Drive (Qasim Residence)

With their busy schedules Naureen wanted to create a garden that she would look forward to coming home to. When she bought the house in 2004 it was surrounded by bushes, trees and thistles with not even a single flower nor flower bed. This house has come a long way in the last 16 years!


3. 1275 Quinlan Court (Moore Residence)

When Chris and Sally built their home in 1995, they had the builder bring in a load of top soil so they could construct a parterre of raised beds in the backyard. While the middle of the parterre is devoted to vegetables, the other beds feature a variety of perennials, annuals, and herbs. The parterre features a small knot garden of begonias, a bed of asparagus, dill & beans, three Rose of Sharon trees, two Korean lilac standards, an arch of Jackmanii clematis, and several David Austin roses. The back patio features a pergola, constructed many years ago by Chris’s dad as a housewarming gift. The property is a sanctuary for lots of birds (along with a stray rabbit, squirrel, and a chipmunk) and includes a variety of smaller gardens and borders which the Moores lovingly refer to as “the oval,” “the crescent,” “the bump,” and “the swamp!”  One neighbor commented, “Chris is putting in another garden, so he has less grass to mow!”  For the Moores, gardening is a thing of beauty and a labor of love. It’s a project they enjoy working on together.  They hope you will enjoy it too!


4. 3982 Mallard Avenue (Craven Residence)

When Jane and Casey’s home was constructed in 2000 the property consisted of overgrown woods and underbrush with a small blacktop turnaround for school buses. The driveway now extends from that original blacktop patch. Jane’s mother had a saying about trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear which is appropriate as the property once was a swine farm. Over the next 20 years the landscaping and gardens have evolved yearly under Jane’s vision. Come see the large flower gardens and the evolution that has occurred over those years.


5. 4461 Old Columbus Road (Norman Residence, “Heritage Acres”)

Chris and Kim Norman’s house sets on 32 acres of farmland and woods in eastern Clark County.   The land has been in Kim’s family since the early 1800s, and the farmhouse is believed to have been constructed in the 1870s.  After completing the inside renovation, Chris and Kim began to develop the gardens.  They started with a clean slate and now have multiple garden spaces for relaxing and entertaining.  The east garden, now primarily showcasing perennial flowers, is also the location of many of their herbs and perennial fruits and vegetables. It is the most frequented place on the property with the central pergola and seating areas.  The borders in the backyard are filled with shrubs and flowers, providing a pretty view from their garden swing under the locust tree.  From the backyard, travel down the stone steps and enter the west lawn and parterre in front of the potting shed and greenhouse (currently being renovated).  South of the parterre, and new to the property this year, is a trial cutting garden, and west of the greenhouse is a small vegetable garden.   Before you leave, don’t miss the two flower beds on either side of the bonfire ring.  On one side is the flagpole garden with a red, white and blue patriotic theme, and on the other is a border of perennials surrounding a work of art that once sat in the courtyard of First Lutheran Church in Springfield.


6. 480 S. Urbana-Lisbon Road, South Vienna (Agle Residence)

Bob and Peggy purchased their current home in 2010. When Bob was a child the farm belonged to his great uncle, and it is now back in the Agle family. Four generations of Agles have farmed the land between South Vienna and Plattsburg, and Bob and Peggy feel very fortunate to live in such beautiful surroundings. Bob raises show cattle and likes to work in the yard in his spare time. Come and enjoy their wide open spaces and amazing views.


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