10th Annual Grapes & Escapes 2020: Rhinestones and Wranglers

Saturday, February 1, 6-11pm

Clark State Performing  Arts Center

You are invited to join us as we pay homage to Nashville and the Grand Ole Opry tradition with our 10th Annual Grapes & Escapes 2020Rhinestones and Wranglers, where we will tip our hat to honor Bradley Kincaid and family!

Bradley Kincaid is the biggest star in Springfield you’ve never heard of… a member of the Grand Ole Opry who sold over 400,000 songbooks and millions of records. He was one of the first Country music superstars (although he considered himself more of a folk singer) from the late 1920’s through 1950. He was “found” at Chicago radio station WLS (owned by Sears – World’s Largest Store) where he was invited to sing on their Saturday Night National Barn Dance and the rest is history. Bradley’s fan mail volume was legendary – At station WLS he received more than 100,000 fan letters a year and at WLW in Cincinnati he received 50,000 letters from his fans in his first 4 weeks. He had formed a partnership to own a radio station in Springfield, Ohio – WWSO – and in 1950 moved to town to run it and ultimately as most of us would know of his name, went to a local music store to buy a new case for his guitar and walked away owning what became Kincaid’s Music.  From his humble beginnings at the edge of the Cumberland Mountains in Kentucky to his time in Nashville, the Kentucky Mountain boy as he was known stayed true to his music roots and his genuine love of people and family.  Join us on February 1st at the SSO’s Rhinestones and Wranglers to hear more about Bradley and to honor his legacy in Springfield. Our friend and Bradley’s son, Jim Kincaid will be in attendance to help us celebrate.

Tickets: $95 per person

The event will begin with a reception in the lobby, followed by dinner on the Kuss stage with live music, a live auction, drinks and dancing.  All proceeds  will help support the Springfield Symphony Orchestra and its distinguished education and outreach programs including the Springfield Youth Orchestras and Children’s Chorus.

For more information call 937-325-8100

Event Chair: John T. Landess